Creating your Loan Agreement

Creating your Loan Agreement is an easy 4 step process:
  • Step 1-Loan Details:
    Indicate your role as borrower or lender, how much money is involved and the interest rate you want to use as well as the length or your loan
  • Step 2-Loan Options:
    Customize your loan by specifying any additional terms, such as late fees or use collateral
  • Step 3-Loan Roles:
    input your and the lender or borrowers’ information.
  • Step 4-Purchase you Loan Agreement
    Sign up and purchase the agreement which includes a payment schedule and optional payment alerts.

Options after your loan agreement has been created

  • Step 1-Share your loan agreement:
    You can print or via email send the loan agreement to others. You can also add additional people to the loan
  • Step 2-Edit your loan agreement:
    For about 30 days you have the ability edit your loan agreement. You can make changes to the terms or other fields. You can also collaborate with your borrower or lender online
  • Step 3-Set up payment reminders:
    Input your and the lender or borrowers’ information.
  • Step 4- Track/record payments
    You can sign up for payments alerts as well as manually record a payment
  • Step 5-Get additional resources
    Get more info in our resource section (such as tips on how to deal with taxation around the loan) and join our community on Facebook